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"Hey! Just…uh…getting a hammer."
"…So I just ran into Sid…Did you almost shoot a Yorkie?"
"What’s going on?"
"How come I don’t believe you?"
"I just…I uh…I-I got this…I don’t know, spidey sense."
"Okay. Are you hunting something?"
"Honestly? Uh…at first I thought that I was, but I’m pretty sure I got worked up over nothing. It’s uh…you know…it happens."
"Are you sure?"
"…I’ll tell you what, just because you know I have an OCD thing about this, why don’t uh…why don’t you and Ben go to the movies, hit the cheesecake factory, hang out with the masses and I’ll do one last sweep just to be 100%."
"Okay…be careful."
"Careful is my middle name."

Season 6 Episode 1: Exile on Main St.

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